200 Pounds Beauty – Movie Quotes

200 pounds beauty

200 Pounds Beauty is a very touching story about one-sided love. At the same time, it is very funny. I recommend it to all of you. We can learn a lesson from it and also reminds us that never insult/judge people on their appearance but find beauty in heart.

I couldn’t be happier dreaming about you. Even if it didn’t last long. Thanks for making me happy.

An image of innocence. A natural beauty. It’s what money can’t buy

God is the only one who can do everything. We humans do what we’re capable of.
Han-Na’s father

Those with plastic surgery aren’t human, but monsters.

Becoming someone new? You have to forget yourself. Your past, memories. Erase them all.
Plastic Surgeon

Your best isn’t enough. Doing well is what counts.

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