A Werewolf Boy 2012 Quotes

a werewolf boy quotes

What broke my heart in this movie was how he waited for her after all these years! Every time I think about this movie, I can’t help but cry!

Read some sad quotes below from the were-wolf boy and his love.

If you come with me, they’ll kill you. We can’t be together now.

You can stop waiting now. I’m so sorry, why did you wait?

I did it all. I did everything I ever wanted to do, all alone without you.

I’ve become an old woman now, and my hair’s gone all grey.

No, You haven’t changed one bit. Your hands, your mouth, your eyes, you’re still beautiful. I really missed you.

Thank you for holding my hands, thank you for gazing into my eyes, thank you prince of my dreams for coming to me like this.

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