Monster 2014 Korean Movie – Quotes

monster quotes

Monster 2014 Korean film has such a wide contrast between comedy and family matters to horrific and bloody scenes. What I love about this movie, is it got a different style from the other movies I’ve watched so far.

The monster hit you again? Do you want me to kill him? Will you play with me?
Young Tae-Soo

If you close the gate, you’ll die.
Young Tae-Soo

I’ll give you a chance, you can run away until I’m done drinking this. But if you get caught, you die. If you ask people for help, I’ll kill them too.
Young Tae-Soo

Find someone stronger than me, someone I can’t kill.
Young Tae-Soo

People slight us cuz we’re poor, Let’s make lots of money and live it up.

Let’s live together, tha’s my wish for life.

let’s get our ties straightened out, what’ll it be? what do you want me to do?

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