Kill Bok Soon – Movie Quotes

Kill Bok Soon

Kill Bok Soon is perfect action thriller and a must watch for action fans. A story of a professinal assassin who has to balance her work and her relationship with her teenage daughter. The action scenes were amazing, great choreography, and cinematography is top notch.

If I was a mom, I’d teach my kid to have fair competitions, instead of going on about how unfair the world is.
Gil Jae-yeong

What does it matter if they can fight? It’s not like it’s a competition. Find their weaking, you win. Or you make one so you don’t lost.
Gil Bok Soon

The easiest way to solve a problem is to get rid of it.
Cha Min-hee

If you decide to come after me, then send a knife with blood on it, cause I’ll be glad to respond.
Cha Min-kyu

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