The Flu Korean Movie – Quotes

the flu quotes

In my opinion, The Flu Korean movie is one of the best realistic disaster movie. It shows how People loose their relatives and how government has to work under pressure to ensure it’s citizens and how many chaos and confusion invents while a country is suffering from the disaster.

We only rescue people, not personal articles and stuff.
Kang Ji-Koo

You sure talk a lot for someone so useless.
Kim In-Hae

I love it, I can’t believe it my dream came true, my lifelong dream.
Kang Ji-Koo

Mommy cried everyday because of him, she cries now too.
Kim Mi-Reu

When cornered humans can’t stay calm, if fear takes over after the report, it’ll be scarier than the virus itself.
Minister of Defence

Nothing is ever certain in a crisis.
Jeon Kook-Hwan

I saw this tiny child beat the insane flu.
Kang Ji-Koo

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