My Dear Desperado – Movie Quotes

my dear desperado

Amazing, simply amazing korean movie. From the start it’s outright funny with encounter of the main actors at different places. But slowly and gradually turns into a drama. This is the kind of movie that would really bright shine your day.

Below are some quotes from this amazing movie.

How can you play with someone who’s desperate to get a job? You should still treat the weak with the least bit of respect.
Lee Se-Jin

Kneel to the boss during the interview. Cry and beg for the job. Show him you’re sincere, then he’ll hire you for sure.
Oh Dong-Chul

Eskimos hug dogs to bed on really cold nights. So they won’t freeze to death. They call that a dog’s night.
Lee Se-Jin

When things were the hardest, he was by my side. But since then, I never saw him again.
Lee Se-Jin

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