A Millionaire’s First Love 2006 – Quotes

millionaires first love quotes

I erased all memories about you and this place, it was too painful. I’m sorry, times running out on us. I came back too late.

Wondering why I like you, I miss you, it’s a disease.

It’s raining. The rain can’t cool down my love for you.

If he stakes out a house for an hour, he’s called an stalker and I did that  for  two.

Come on, don’t follow me into my dreams.

When I’m with you at night, it feels like it is a day.

Now I believe that phrase that you can see with eyes closed.

When I’m with you at night, it feels like it is a day.

I was afraid. Afraid that I might die before reading all these.

I wish to stay with you until the first snow. So I can wear those sucks you bought me. But I will die before that, because of you.

I know it hurts for you to be with me, but I love you.

If it hurts, scream. Hold me and cry. Don’t try to hide it, it hurts me so much. I’d feel as if I’d die before you.

My heart, it’s broken. Because I love you enough for my hurt to burn, medicine doesn’t work anymore.

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