More than Blue Korean Movie Quotes

more than blue quotes

More than Blue Korean movie is one of the saddest movie I’ve ever watched. It made me cry so hard and feel like my heart is tearing apart. Below I listed some quotes from this korean movie.

He looked sadder and more hurt than me.

She’s different, she needs someone beside her.

Stupid, you think I care whether you’re engaged or not? Just play along and meet me. Am I a b*? I don’t have time to worry about that. The man I love is dying.

If he turns around, I’d tell him everything. If he turns around, I’d hug him and stop everything.

Tell me. Let me hold you! I’ll die with you. I’ll follow you and pay you back for everything you did to me.

Stupid, you can’t be married without a wedding.

Who says you can do whatever you want with me?

I want to open my mouth and say I love him, but I knew tears will fall before I could say it.

Didn’t you hear me screaming at you all this time?

We became a real couple, because we made it down the aisle.

Remember when I said I can see you even when you’re not with me? Go wherever you want, I’ll find you soon.

When we meet again on the other side, let’s not cry again. Wait for me, I’ll be right there.

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