Pandora 2016 Korean Movie Quotes

pandora quotes

I really like this Pandora 2016 Korean movie. It seems that because of our lack of responsibility will lead such disasters in real life if we don’t take the responsibility now, this movie has shown that we should not be careless and to take care of everything wisely in the state of emergency.

Overall this was a fantastic movie and I really enjoyed it and loved the portrayal of the characters. A realistic, intense, emotional movie that worth to watch.

We want to live in a world free of a nuclear threat, stop nuclear power plant operation.

Just like people, machines also have life span.

How many times do you have to fall before you wake up.

At a time when the national economy is in near paralysis, at such time rather than courage of youth, age and experience play a greater role.
Prime Minister

Those 17,000 people are also our citizen, no has the right to sacrifice them for the sake of 50 million people.

If we don’t stand up, our families will also die. Even if it’s unfair and it’s sad, there’s no other way.

I won’t be able to keep my promise to make you happy, I can’t keep my promise to stay with you forever. I sincerely wanted to threat you well.

I’m not asking for much, why do I have to die like this, what did I do wrong, just what I have done wrong?

Don’t close your eyes because of fear, don’t cover your ears because of fear, for the sake of our children.

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