The Third Way of Love

the third way of love

The third way of love, is a beautiful but one of saddest movie I have ever watched. Undoubtedly it is a heartbreaking story. A sad ending that gives us a reality that not all true lovers have a happy ending. But still a must watch movie, watch it if you want emotional burst.

There are three kinds of love in the world. The first kind is in the fairytales, it’s beautiful, but it’s nothing but lies. Another kind is the one in real life, it’s boring, it’s draining, it’s worth no tears and if you cry, no one will pity you. They’ll mock you for being a fool.
Zhou Yu

In the case of patients who suffer depression, the foremost need is as much family attention as possible.

I don’t want to fall in love again and lose rationality and sense of judgement.
Zhou Yu

Poor people have their own ways of life. Have you ever heard about “Happy Being Poor”?
Zhou Yu

I will not let other people’s voices decide what my heart is doing. I don’t want to be confined by other people’s perception. I will bravely follow my heart and instincts.
Zhou Yu

Stop thinking about the future. I will put it aside too. Be faithful to the present, as we are together now.
Zhou Yu

I didn’t realize how unhappy I had always been until I meet you. I may appear good and fine outside. But inside, I was always dragged by money.
Lin Qi Zheng

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