The Prison Korean Movie – Quotes

the prison

Do you like action movies? try The Prison, a Korean movie about troubled ex-cop imprisoned for a hit-and-run accident discovers that the entire facility is controlled by an inmate who has been running a crime syndicate.

I’ve been to so many prisons, but never seen one like this. My kind of place.
Song Yoo-Gun

From the outside this might seem like the lowest rung of life, but it is not. In here too people live and time passes the same. Your life depends on how you make up your mind.
Jung Ik-Ho

To eat fruit you must climb a tree, I can’t stay in the same prison as you any longer.

Your luck depends on who your boss is. Today one of you will lose a fucking eyeball because of him.
Jung Ik-Ho

Give them a little freedom and they show their true colors.
Pilice officer

In here’s no different from the outside, the more desperate you are to survive the more sins you commit.
Jung Ik-Ho

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