The Man From Nowhere 2010 Quotes

the man from nowhere quotes

The Man from nowhere is a Korean movie packed with action until the end. Exciting and thrilling. How far will you go to save someone? Hard action, you will surely enjoy watching it.

You can go screw married women, but don’t mess with kids.

Kids will learn from their mistakes, parenting isn’t just giving birth.
Store owner

Don’t touch other people’s things.
Cha Tae-Sik

Even though that pig called me a bum, You’re meaner. But don’t hate you. Because if I do, I won’t have anyone I like. Thinking about it, it hurts me. So I won’t hate you.
Jung So-Mi

I’m sorry for pretending to not know you. If I want to know you too much, I can’t help not wanting to.
Cha Tae-Sik

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