One Piece Alabasta Arc – Best Lines, Quotes

one piece alabasta arc best lines quotes

Journeys are always accompanied by farewells. But don’t ever forget this, friendship has nothing to do with how long we’ve known each other.
Bon clay

I’m not interested in living a thousand years. I just need to live today.

He’s definitely stupid. But that’s also why he’s our captain.
Roronoa Zoro

If you wanna talk about ideals, you have to be able to make them real

As long as she doesn’t give up her kingdom, we too will not stop fighting.

The more you learn the level of this sea, the more you’ll give up on having such dreams.

Losers can’t speak about justice. We’re in that kind of sea.

If you’re frustrated enough to cry, become stronger.

Underestimating people will get you bitten in the end.

One may stray from the path of a man, one may stray from the path of a woman. But there is no straying from the path of a human.
Bon clay

All friends must scatter into the sky of truth and blossom.
Bon clay

Scatter upon the water’s surface and grow where you may, my fellow blossoms.
Bon clay

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