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Hello World

This movie “Hello World” was fire!!! I’m glad I decided to watch it, everything from the sci-fi to the romance was beautiful. It’s like a concept of living in a world that can be called real and not real, it’s so fantastic and unique. Though it was a bit hard to keep up with due to some of the technological terms used, it was worth watching.

Don’t just worry about everything! Decide quickly.
Naomi Katagaki

Don’t care how others see you! Speak out your thoughts.
Naomi Katagaki

Don’t let others decide for you! Decide on your own.
Naomi Katagaki

Imagination is the most important thing. Make your imagination fly like as you are in a tale, believe that anything is possible.
Naomi Katagaki (Sensei)

I admire those who fight until the very end.
Ichigyou Ruri

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