One Piece Skypiea Arc – Best Lines – Quotes

onepiece skypiea arc

A world for you who seek freedom stretches out right before your eyes. If your endless dreams are your guide, surpass them, under the flag of your beliefs.

Whether or not God exist doesn’t matter to me. I couldn’t care less from the beginning. But I don’t intend to deny those who want to believe.

Once the initial excitement wears off, everyone values their life more than dreams and adventures.
Skypia Angel

Who can say for certain that society is right and that those who don’t blend in are wrong?
Gan Fall

A person becomes his weakest when he senses sin in his own actions.
Gan Fall

History may repeat itself, but people can’t go back in time.
Nico Robin

Why do people fight and rot, despite knowing the transience of life?

There are no means to survive on the sad path to attaining peace.

What’s bad is when one race refuses to coexist with another.

Living beings meant to bow before that which they fear.

A mind that cannot be controlled by fear can also be troublesome.

Before you pray, before you turn a blind eye to reality, you have to take action first.

You can’t protect your own life by blaming someone later.

Where’s the fun in gaining what you want all by yourself?

No one in history’s ever disproved the city of gold or the sky island. That’s what romanticism is.

No matter what kind of heroic reason for the fight there was in the distant past, to us who live in the present time, this sky is our home.

I made it here. I will guide this text to the ends of the earth.
Gold Roger

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